Saturday, April 6, 2019

Exterior Inspiration | Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part series. You can view part 1 here.

We've been in our house for over a year now and spring has arrived! The warmer weather has me motivated to continue tackling some outdoor projects like landscaping and gardening.

It's also got me looking back at the plans I had set for the exterior of our house when we first moved in. I assumed we would reside the house, but after looking into it, it's much more affordable to just repaint. I'm hoping with the updated paint, a couple hardware changes and some DIY's we can get this place looking more put together.

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I want our exterior to look clean classic. I know there are a lot of other projects I'm going to want to do as time goes on, so I want to stick with keeping our first round of updates simple. Right now I have a plan to overhaul some of our landscaping, create some new beds and move around some of the plants we already have. I think updating the exterior color and door will be big impact changes.

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I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from these photos. I love the idea of having a green door, but the black looks so gorgeous with grey siding. I'm diggin' all the greenery and added touches (like the pineapple knocker!) paired with the white trim, too. I guess we'll just see how this who project shakes out - I'm planning on changing my mind quite a few times before settling on the final changes.

Here's my to do list for the front exterior of our home:
-Paint siding
-Install new door
-Hang pineapple welcome plate
-Update light fixtures
-Modern house number DIY
-Nerdy doormat DIY
-Overhaul landscaping

This is a very rough outline and this timeline could be as long as a few years. We'll get there, though! I'm so excited to continue making our house a home.


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