Saturday, February 2, 2019

Guest Bedroom Inspiration

We've known this would be our guest room from the moment we moved into the house, but so far no work has been done on it. Next month we will have been in this house for a year, which means I should probably paint this room at some point soon, right? 

Ideally, we would have liked a "traditional" bed, but a full or queen would have taken up most of the space in here. Also, neither one of use was too interested having a bed dominate this room and prevent us from doing anything else in here. After tossing around a few ideas we landed on a pull out couch/futon solution.

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I want this room to be neutral in it's pallet, but packed with colorful art, lots of different textures and so many plants. I didn't want to spend too much money on furnishing this room (at least not right away), so I'm using some elements we already own. We have a similar mirror to the one pictured below, a coffee table I can breath new life into, the same exact planter and a gallon of the olive green paint left over from the dining room. The biggest price tag item is going to be the couch.

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These pictures are some of the many that I've pinned as I've been planning this room. I want to mix an eclectic style in here, along with interesting pops - like my lava lamp from high school (see first inspo photo above)!

Here's my to do list for this room:
-Remove wallpaper border
-Hang mirror
-Paint dresser
-Hang shelves
-Hang art

I'm excited to get this room put together. It will be nice to be able to put friends up in an actual area of their own when they come visit!