Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dining Room Inspiration

It's no secret - our dining room area needs help. Beard and I are both in agreement that one of our first bigger projects will be to rip up the blue carpet. It. Is. Terrible.

A lot of the updates we do to the dining room will have to correspond with our kitchen updates due to the open concept of the rooms. I don't love the kitchen counters, but they're nice and brand new - so I wanted to see if I could keep them and make them nicer.  

Since the counters are green, I wanted to paint a color in the dining room that would pull the look together. I settled on an olive green for the far wall and also decided to paint the bottom cabinets in the kitchen the same color sometime down the road.

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A lot needs to happen in this room to make it a space I fall in love with.  We'll be keeping our current DIY dining room table, but I think I want to paint the chairs black instead o their current white. I would also love to have a bench that would provide more seating that could be tucked away under the table when it's not in use. I really want to add some shiplap on the far wall that we're painting green, but I'm not sure if I want to make it a full wall or a half. If I go with a half shiplap wall, do I paint it white or still paint it all green for a monochromatic look? So many ideas and possibilities!

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I've been pinning a lot of ideas for this room, but as you can see above, I've been very specific in my searches to include the olive green and modern ceiling fans. Some of my pins are photos of actual dining rooms, but have elements I want to include. 

Here's my to do list for this room:
-Remove carpeting
-Lay new flooring
-New light fixture
-Hang art
-Hang shelf
-Refinish dining room chairs

I'm hype to see how this room turns out, because I really have no idea what exactly I want. I'm just diving in with a general idea!

Friday, April 6, 2018

5 Things

1. I'm in Niagara Falls, ON for the weekend!
2. I just started listening to What Happened by HRC and I'm loving it so far.
3. #the100dayproject kicked off this week and I'm excited to see where this goes! You can read more about my plans here and follow my progress with #100creativehouseupdates.
4. I'm watching True Blood for the first time and having a love/hate relationship with it.
5. Last, but not least: I bought tickets this week to see The Dollop in November!

What are your 5 favorite things this week?