Thursday, June 23, 2016

Traverse City Camping Trip | Rare Bird Brewpub

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After The Filling Station we hopped up the road to Rare Bird Brewpub. It's maybe three minutes away from The Filling Station.

It was empty when we arrived, so Beard and I ordered right away. He got Love Wins and I got High Biz Cuss. Both were pretty tasty!

I was glad Beard and I ordered so quickly - soon after we arrived a wave of people from the Kayak, Bike and Brew came in. It was packed after that, with people sitting anywhere they could. 

By the time we left it had started to clear out. People were on to the next stop!

I really like this place - the atmosphere was relaxing (even though it was louder than normal, I'm sure) and I know this is weird, but they have really cool sinks in their bathrooms.



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