Friday, June 24, 2016

Traverse City Camping Trip | Northport Brewing

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On Saturday night Beard and I drove up the Leelanau Peninsula to see Brandon and Cassie after they got out of work. We drove up to Northport Brewing before heading back down to meet up with them.

Beard was up at Northport Brewing last year and knew I would love it, so we knew we would try to make it up there on this trip.

I loved their outdoor seating area - this stone fireplace was awesome. They also had a food truck that looked like it had killer tacos... kinda wish I hadn't eaten dinner already.

Beard had the Kehl Lake Cream Ale and I had the Fishtown Brown. The brown was heavy like a porter, but I thought it was delicious either way.

I really liked this brewery - it's the kind of place I would love to be able to call my "home town brewery," kinda like we do with White Flame.



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