Thursday, June 30, 2016

July: Wishlist

Everything on my wishlist this month is for the house. I'm trying to be more content where I am right now (read: being content that Beard and I don't have a house yet) and I think being "all in" as far as fun decor goes is helping me stay sane. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a thoughtful bandwagon jumper. I take my time, think about the bandwagon I want to jump on, and then leap unapologetically into the fray. Case in point: I've only watched the NBA for a couple seasons, I live in Michigan, I am a Warriors fan. I justify my love by saying "Draymond Green went to State and I watched him play college ball!," but really, I don't mind and don't really feel the need to justify my actions. 

I have the same feelings toward the Himalayan Salt Lamp and the Oil Diffuser on my list. I know they're kinda "niche-y"... So sue me. They're cute, and like Mulder, I WANT TO BELIEVE! The taco holder is 50% adorable, and 50% so I can take better displayed taco photos. Beard thinks it's unnecessary. I won't disagree. And, well, the unicorn corn holders are unicorn corn holders and I feel like that goes without explaining.

If you're feeling hipster-ish enough, you can shop these items at the affiliate links below. And if you're not feeling hipster-ish, that's okay, too. It comes and goes with me, so I won't hold it against you. 

I do love Draymond Green, though. That doesn't come and go. #unapologeticbandwagonfan 



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