Thursday, June 23, 2016

Garden Update #1

Last night when my sister was over I realized I should do a garden update. We have a lot of little friends that are coming into the world on our deck right now and it's awesome to see!

Beard gave Sally the complete tour - starting with our flower boxes. I love how these turned out. We picked out a lot of "odd" looking varieties this year and they look sweet. 

He also made sure to point out where some of our flowers from last year were growing up in the grass off the deck. I guess when we were planting last year some seeds fell out and started growing up this year. They look pretty cute hanging out on the edge of the rocks down below. Also, those are our tomatoes! We did two cherry varieties this year and they're growing like weeds.

This is our citronella plant. I think he was absent from my first post, but we love him all the same. We got one last year, too.

Our beans are in the two pots on the far left in the above and below photos. All of these little sprouts popped up in one day!

Here's a terrible close up of our beans!

All our herbs are growing nicely. So nicely that I think my parsley *might* be going to seed already. Oops!

Our little peppers are chuggin' right along, too. I'm excited for some tasty 'lil guys from these plants in the future. Also, look at our lettuce! It's peeking through!

Beard and Sally were picking dead stems off of the flower plants. For some reason this photo turned out blurry, but I loved it anyway. 

That's it for garden update #1! You can check out my first post this year here and follow along on Instagram with #cottonsgrowagarden.


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