Thursday, June 30, 2016

July: Wishlist

Everything on my wishlist this month is for the house. I'm trying to be more content where I am right now (read: being content that Beard and I don't have a house yet) and I think being "all in" as far as fun decor goes is helping me stay sane. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a thoughtful bandwagon jumper. I take my time, think about the bandwagon I want to jump on, and then leap unapologetically into the fray. Case in point: I've only watched the NBA for a couple seasons, I live in Michigan, I am a Warriors fan. I justify my love by saying "Draymond Green went to State and I watched him play college ball!," but really, I don't mind and don't really feel the need to justify my actions. 

I have the same feelings toward the Himalayan Salt Lamp and the Oil Diffuser on my list. I know they're kinda "niche-y"... So sue me. They're cute, and like Mulder, I WANT TO BELIEVE! The taco holder is 50% adorable, and 50% so I can take better displayed taco photos. Beard thinks it's unnecessary. I won't disagree. And, well, the unicorn corn holders are unicorn corn holders and I feel like that goes without explaining.

If you're feeling hipster-ish enough, you can shop these items at the affiliate links below. And if you're not feeling hipster-ish, that's okay, too. It comes and goes with me, so I won't hold it against you. 

I do love Draymond Green, though. That doesn't come and go. #unapologeticbandwagonfan 



Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June Mixtape

All the songs I've been jammin' to this month...

1. Bored To Death | blink-182
2. You | Keaton Hanson
3. Black Honey | Thrice
4. The Killing Moon | Echo & The Bunnymen
5. Knockin' On Heavens Door | Bob Dylan
6. Honey | Moose Blood
7. Home | Jack Savotteri
8. Punkrocker | Teddybears
9. Lately | The Helio Sequence
10. Backbeat | Dagny

What have you been listening to lately? Let me know! I'm always in the market for some new tunes.



Monday, June 27, 2016

Newaygo Camping Trip

This past week Beard and I went camping with a group of friends in Newaygo at the Ed Henning County Campground.

For the past two years, Beard and I have been camping over my birthday (it's on the 25th) and it's a tradition I'm excited to keep going.

I snapped all these photos Friday night. We went tubing on the Muskegon River on Satuday, but I didn't take my camera or phone. Beard bought me a waterproof disposable camera, so I will add those photos once I get them developed.

Beard and I loved this campground. I think we're going to try to make it back for a weekend before the summer is over.



Tent & Cornhole - Walmart | Hammock - Amazon | Koozie - Granger Smith

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Traverse City Camping Trip | Right Brain Brewery

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On our way out of town we stopped at Right Brain Brewery.

Beard and I both ordered the Turkey & Guac waffle sandwich. It was incredible.

I also enjoyed a beer bloody mary with pickled cauliflower!

I'm glad we got to hit this place up on our way out of town! I think we visit every time we're in Traverse City.



Traverse City Camping Trip | Hop Lot Brewing Co.

This is part 6 of a series. See other posts below:

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After we left Northport we headed back South to meet up with Brandon and Cassie at Hop Lot Brewing Co. Cassie wasn't feeling well and stayed home, but Brandon was there when we arrived. I finally got to see what this place looks like during the summer and HOT DANG IT'S PERFECTION! You may recall that Beard and I were up here in January and got to experience Hop Lot during the winter. I've been itching to see what I looked like in the summer and snapped a few pics while we were there before it got too dark.

What a fun way to wrap up a busy day!



Friday, June 24, 2016

Traverse City Camping Trip | Northport Brewing

This is part 5 of a series. See other posts below:

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On Saturday night Beard and I drove up the Leelanau Peninsula to see Brandon and Cassie after they got out of work. We drove up to Northport Brewing before heading back down to meet up with them.

Beard was up at Northport Brewing last year and knew I would love it, so we knew we would try to make it up there on this trip.

I loved their outdoor seating area - this stone fireplace was awesome. They also had a food truck that looked like it had killer tacos... kinda wish I hadn't eaten dinner already.

Beard had the Kehl Lake Cream Ale and I had the Fishtown Brown. The brown was heavy like a porter, but I thought it was delicious either way.

I really liked this brewery - it's the kind of place I would love to be able to call my "home town brewery," kinda like we do with White Flame.



5 Things

Here's a list of 5 things I'm digging this week. 

1. I love cute things and this baby Koala is no exception.
2. I love that Unsettled is starting to cater more to families. Woohoo!
3. Really wanting to make a quilt and document it's journey, similar to Elise.
4. Interesting take on bringing people into your brick-and-mortar location.
5. Really wanting to pick up this book soon.

What inspired you this week? Whatever it is, I hope it's staying with you through the weekend!




Thursday, June 23, 2016

Garden Update #1

Last night when my sister was over I realized I should do a garden update. We have a lot of little friends that are coming into the world on our deck right now and it's awesome to see!

Beard gave Sally the complete tour - starting with our flower boxes. I love how these turned out. We picked out a lot of "odd" looking varieties this year and they look sweet. 

He also made sure to point out where some of our flowers from last year were growing up in the grass off the deck. I guess when we were planting last year some seeds fell out and started growing up this year. They look pretty cute hanging out on the edge of the rocks down below. Also, those are our tomatoes! We did two cherry varieties this year and they're growing like weeds.

This is our citronella plant. I think he was absent from my first post, but we love him all the same. We got one last year, too.

Our beans are in the two pots on the far left in the above and below photos. All of these little sprouts popped up in one day!

Here's a terrible close up of our beans!

All our herbs are growing nicely. So nicely that I think my parsley *might* be going to seed already. Oops!

Our little peppers are chuggin' right along, too. I'm excited for some tasty 'lil guys from these plants in the future. Also, look at our lettuce! It's peeking through!

Beard and Sally were picking dead stems off of the flower plants. For some reason this photo turned out blurry, but I loved it anyway. 

That's it for garden update #1! You can check out my first post this year here and follow along on Instagram with #cottonsgrowagarden.