Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We Finally Saw Bullet For My Valentine

I have a story about BFMV... It all started in 2013. Beard and I were planning out wedding and the date was rushing up on us. We had our honeymoon planned and everything was falling into place. Then BFMV announced that they were coming to Grand Rapids for a concert. Beard was pumped because he loves them and got a couple people together to go to the show. 

...but he didn't realize we would be on our honeymoon. 

Sadness ensued. His friends went and had a blast. We went on our honeymoon and had a blast.

But it's always been a bummer AND it gets brought up pretty often.

Fast forward to 2016: BFMV announced another show in Grand Rapids. I knew I had to grab tickets to surprise Beard! The tickets have been stuck on our "ticket board" for a couple months and we finally got to take them down and go see them live.

Here's a quick photo Beard snapped at the show. They were fantastic!

Now Beard can finally check them off his list and we have another show we can add to our scrapbook.


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