Thursday, December 3, 2015

Road Trip Snack Kit

It's the holiday season which probably means you're traveling at least a little bit. Beard's family is several hours away from where we live, so we pack up the car and drive to visit them. Since I get hungry about every 20 minutes, I decided to make a simple little snack kit to take a long with us this year. Creativity born out of necessity, you might say. ;)

I picked up all of the items for my basket at Aldi when I was making our weekly grocery run. I included basics like water, protein bars and trail mix - but mixed it up by adding jerky (my personal favorite) and fruit snacks (because I'm 5 years old inside).

I picked up a small storage container at the dollar store and lined it with a kitchen hand towel before putting in the snacks.

Small Storage Bin | Kitchen Hand Towel | PurAqua Bottled Water | PurAqua Strawberry Water | Simms Beef Jerky | Natures Nectar Unwind Trail Mix | Fit & Active Protein Bars | Simply Nature Fruit Rope | Millville Energy Bars  

What would you guys add to your own road trip snack kit?


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