Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hostess Coffee Gift

Let's face it... We're already knee deep in the holiday season, which probably means that you have a lot of holiday parties to hit up and you don't know what to bring with you. I'm loving this coffee themed gift! You can just as easily change it up to be hot cocoa or tea and it fits this cooler weather season perfectly!

You will need:
Aldi's Barissimo Coffee
Coffee Mug
Tissue Paper (optional)
Ornaments (optional)

I wrapped these up two different ways. With the first one I included a coffee mug, which offered a cute way to include the tissue paper. Then I just added twine, a tag and a glitter ornament. You could change up the ornament to go along with whatever season you're in.

The second one I just wrapped up with twine and added a tag. I almost like this one better because it's so simple. I also think there's something fun about not having it totally wrapped up, you know?

Do you guys have a person in mind who you know would love this gift? I know I do!



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