Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekend Musings

You guys saw all these photos already if you follow me on Instagram, but I just couldn't help but share them here.

First off, I have to say thanks to Abby for letting me on the mini pumpkin and gourd jackpot! The fam and I headed over to Post Family Farms to pick up a bag of these little cuties. I now have the cutest porch I've ever had. 

Friday night I started to de-stash my basement - mostly because I'm a horder and my hubby is always asking me to clean up. I made a handful of these adorable candle holders and they're all for sale in the booth at Not So Shabby! I won't lie, I wanted to keep all of them once I had them all made up.

I saved the best for last... THIS COFFEE TABLE IS HOT FIRE! But seriously, I love this pallet coffee table that my family helped me finish up this weekend. I have had this pallet since before I was married and it's about time I completed the project I picked it up for. It's exactly what I wanted and I love the way it looks in our living room.

See those little pumpkins! Aren't they just adorable? I also got into the Autumn spirit by filling up a hurricane my mum gave me with pine cones I foraged with my sister-in-law.

What did you guys do this weekend?


Photos taken (Droid Turbo) & edited (#vsco) by: Margeaux Cotton

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