Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pallet Coffee Table

This past weekend I finally knocked a DIY off my list that has been there for about 3 years. Seriously, I moved this pallet from my mum's to Beard's when we got married and it's just been sitting in the basement. But no more! I bit the bullet and went to Lowes this weekend to pick up the supplies I needed.

You will need: 
Half Pallet
4 Legs
4 Casters
Drill Bits
Sander or Sand Paper

I started by having Lowes cut my plywood to the size of the base of my pallet. Then I basically put this together like a sandwich - pallet, plywood, legs, casters. I flipped the pallet over, lined up the plywood with the corners, and secured the plywood with screws in each corner. Next up my brother pre-drilled holes for the legs and we were able to screw those in. Then we pre-drilled holes for the casters and attached them. The last step was giving everything a good sanding! I wanted the natural wood on this project, so I chose not to stain or paint the pallet. I think I will use some linseed oil on it, though. We'll see. 

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