Friday, November 6, 2015

Grand Armory Brewing Company

Last night Beard and I rode out to Grand Haven with some friends. Yes, you read that correctly. We're still riding the bike in November and it's pretty awesome.

We got dinner at Mr. Kozaks and then headed over to a new brewery that we haven't been to before a few blocks away - Grand Armory Brewing Company.

I had a delicious cherry cider that was delicious and heard that their beers we're pretty good, too. I'm excited to head back out there sometime and sample some more of the items on their menu. The atmosphere was what made it memorable for me. With a super open floor plan, modern design and sharing a space with a coffee shop and a BBQ joint, it really made the whole experience unique.

Have you guys ever been out to Grand Armory Brewing? 


Photos taken (Droid Turbo) & edited (#vsco) by: Margeaux Cotton

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