Monday, July 20, 2015

Rockford Brewing Company

It's no secret Beard and I love supporting Michigan's beer economy and we're blessed to have friends that feel the same way! A couple weeks ago a group of us went out to Rockford to visit their local brewery, and just like the first time I went there, I loved it. Not only is Rockford itself lovely, the brewery is simple and easy going. Since Beard and I had a Groupon (pick yourself up one!), we were able to sample 8 different pours and all of them were delicious.

Right across the street from the brewery is Peppler Park, so we walked over and checked out the dam. I want to head back and walk the trails that they have there, too! I also heard some fishing talk going on between Beard and Kyle, so I'm sure they'll get out there sometime soon.

Photos by: Margeaux Cotton | Photos edited by: Margeaux Cotton

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