Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June | Watch, Read, Listen

Time for my monthly update!
1. Watched: Fringe
I'm on season 3 right now and I had forgotten how much I loved this show. It's a sci-fi procedural drama. Yes please! The main character is like an Olivia Benson/Elena Gilbert hybrid. Could there be anything better?
2. Read: Storm Front, Hidden, Chilled, The Leopard & Horns
I... had a busy month as far as reading goes. I think it had a lot to do with traveling. I had a lot of time in the car, so therefor I had a lot of time to read.
Storm Front: Quick read about a PI who also happens to be a wizard. It's pretty easy to decide if this if your type of book by that first sentence. It wasn't remarkable, but I did enjoy it and will probably read the other books in the series.
Hidden: Part the Bone Secrets series. This was the big, more mature brother of a "paperback novel"... Not super trashy, but still just a love story. Since it was a fast read I read Chilled, which is also part of the series. I read this on my Kindle.
Chilled: Similar to Hidden, quick read and some character overlap from book to book. Looks like each book builds on a different small character from another book in the series. I read this on my Kindle, as well.
The Leopard: Excellent. This is one of the multiple books Jo Nesbo has written about his crime solving hero, Harry. I loved it so much I checked out several others from the library. I'll recap them next month!
Horns: Essentially, this is about a man who is trying to find out who killed his girlfriend. Oh, and he has horns growing out of his head. I'm still debating on whether or not I want to see the movie adaption, which interestingly stars Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter.
Listened: Bad Suns
This album has so many good jams on it! The sound is fresh and the lyrics are rockin'. I love Cardiac Arrest and We Move Like The Ocean.
What about you guys? What did you read, listen and watch this past month?

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