Monday, January 19, 2015

B. Nektar Meadery

This past weekend Beard and I went to a meadery in Michigan that I've been excited to visit for a long time. We had stumbled upon their brews accidentally at a favorite local place of ours, 8th Street Grill

B. Nektar has a lot of delicious drinks, but my personal favorite is their Zombie Killer cider. I was really glad I was able to get it directly from B. Nektar after having it so many times at 8th Street!

We tried several of their meads and I might have found a new favorite - Kill All The Golfers is absolutely delicious! Beard and I absolutely loved it and we were able to find it at a local shop, sp we'll be able to tide ourselves over until our next visit.

Have you guys ever visited B. Nektar Meadery? If not, we highly suggest it! 


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