Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Things |simple pleasures.

I'm back again with my 5 favorite things this week. I decided to mix it up by tossing a #throwback as number one.
1. The cup of coffee pictured above made while we were camping a couple weekends ago. Delicious.
2. I love that Elise is offering her Make 29 prints as mini prints all bundled together.
3. I've been in love with Poler ever since I managed their E-commerce shipping department back in the day. I'm really loving their newest adventure.
4. The fact that Jordan and I were both home and had no plans this past weekend.
5. The passion and love for the Lord that these ladies have.
Thanks for letting me do a mental dump of fun things here, guys! I love writing these posts because it let's me share some of my favorite things and some super pointless things with you.
Have a great weekend!

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