Tuesday, August 5, 2014

2 | taking stock.

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Making : A screen printer.
Cooking : A months worth of freezer meals.
Drinking : Water.

Reading: Bossypants (still).
Wanting: More time in the day.
Playing: The XM 90's station in my car.
Sewing: The velcro back on Jordan's motorcycle gloves.
Wishing: I could create pretty things for a living.
Enjoying: The photos I took at the Shack last week (coming soon).
Liking: The homemade laundry soap Jess made me!
Wondering: If there will ever not be dirty dishes?
Hoping: To get a lot done this upcoming weekend!
Marveling: How awesome my hubby is.
Needing: To seriously clean my office.
Smelling: Coffee.
Wearing: Yoga pants and a tee.
Thinking: About ideas for wedding centerpieces!
Feeling: Great about working towards serious goals.

Bookmarking: HTML instructional blog posts.

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