Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1 | taking stock.

Loving this idea from Abi over at Vanilla & Lace. Like she said - play along! Make sure to tag us on social media (@thisniftyearth or #thisniftyearth) so we can see your lists!
Making : Custom orders!
Cooking : Stuffed Peppers (they're a favorite at my house!)
Drinking : Water + Gin & Tonics.

Reading: Bossypants.
Wanting: Everything in this shop - these girls are awesome (please go follow them on Instagram - swoon!)
Playing: This playlist I made a while ago and just re-found.
Sewing: Pillow covers.
Wishing: I got out of bed earlier!
Enjoying: Spending this season with Jordan.
Liking: Pinterest all over again!
Wondering: If I'll ever to to bed early enough.
Hoping: To have a fantastic time this weekend on my camping trip!
Marveling: At God's recent blessings for my business and business partner.
Needing: Another set of hands, please.
Smelling: The early morning dew when I walk from my front door to my car.
Wearing: Jeans and t-shirts.
Thinking: About going to the cabin soon.
Feeling: Excited to get back into blogging!

Bookmarking: Every post that has to do with this party alcove!

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