Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tigers Baseball | 2014

It's been quite a few years since I've been to a Tigers game. Quite a few years since I've been to Detroit for anything, actually, besides being in the airport about 12 times this year. I was really excited when Jordan asked if I wanted to go to a game and make a day of it with our friends Josh & Jenna.
We started by getting lunch at Detroit Beer Co. which is a few blocks away from Comerica Park. We parked, walked a half a block to lunch, and then zipped over to Comerica by the top of the 1st.

DBC was fantastic! Gorgeous building and great food and beer. The atmosphere was really fun and call me girly, but I love all the cool t-shirts they have!

After the game was over (#wewon), we decided to go to Atwater Brewing about 10 minutes away. But not before Jordan and I got a cute picture in front of the park.

Atwater is really cool and unique because they sever beer out of their warehouse. It's really laid back and chill, plus they have delicious beer.
All in all, a fantastic day! We got Applebees on the way home and I passed out once we were back at our house. It was a long, long day. We all had a blast, though! The best part? Our Tigers won! Wahoo!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1 | taking stock.

Loving this idea from Abi over at Vanilla & Lace. Like she said - play along! Make sure to tag us on social media (@thisniftyearth or #thisniftyearth) so we can see your lists!
Making : Custom orders!
Cooking : Stuffed Peppers (they're a favorite at my house!)
Drinking : Water + Gin & Tonics.

Reading: Bossypants.
Wanting: Everything in this shop - these girls are awesome (please go follow them on Instagram - swoon!)
Playing: This playlist I made a while ago and just re-found.
Sewing: Pillow covers.
Wishing: I got out of bed earlier!
Enjoying: Spending this season with Jordan.
Liking: Pinterest all over again!
Wondering: If I'll ever to to bed early enough.
Hoping: To have a fantastic time this weekend on my camping trip!
Marveling: At God's recent blessings for my business and business partner.
Needing: Another set of hands, please.
Smelling: The early morning dew when I walk from my front door to my car.
Wearing: Jeans and t-shirts.
Thinking: About going to the cabin soon.
Feeling: Excited to get back into blogging!

Bookmarking: Every post that has to do with this party alcove!