Monday, December 22, 2014


I have a new obsession... it's name is Flickr. You guys know how much I love sharing photos with you... well, head over to my Flickr page to see all the sweet goodness that is The Cottons. We're cute, hip and we're going to be co-blogging here soon. #cutestcoupleawardgoesto...

Most recently our adventures took us in search of Michigan Elk - so part of that is up over there. I'll do a blog post soon. Here's my favorite picture from that trip, hands down. 



Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Personal Blog vs. Business Blog

Since this hasn't re-directed, I'm sure none have you have seen... but, there has been continued blogging over at my new business blog It goes hand in hand with my business, This Nifty Earth. 

I really wanted to separate my personal blog from the TNE one so that you guys don't feel like you're bombarded with TNE things all the time (although, there will still be some of that here). 

If you want to keep up with what I was hoping my personal blog would grow into (and it did), you can at! Check it out. Now. Please and thank you.

I'll continue blogging over here at for a couple reasons... 

  1. I love the URL. I mean really? Cotton. It's awesome. 
  2. I want a place to share... moments with you guys, and the place that this blog was headed (more of a diy, lifestyle, business blog) wasn't the right place to do that. 
I'm all done now. 



Monday, September 29, 2014

Port Austin Farmers Market

A little while ago when I was on the east side of the state, Jess and I took a trip to Port Austin. We hit up the farmers market, got lunch at The Bank and walked out on the pier. The Bank was delicious! The pier was amazing and the weather was lovely. I loved being able to spend some time with Jess, because I feel like I never get to see her as much as I would like to.

Have any of you guys even been to Port Austin, MI? If not, you should go on a Saturday and hit up the farmers market! It's a cute little place!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Girls Camping Weekend

Honestly, there are not many things I love more than some good 'ol fashioned girl time. Earlier this summer Jess, Courtney and I all went to Lexington, MI to spend a weekend roughing it in the wild. Check it out... it was amazing!

What are your favorite things to do with your gals? Let us know in the comments! We're always looking for more things to do with our best girls.

Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Things

I'm back again with some of my favorite things from the web this week!
1. I'm in love with all the things Be Simple Clothing has to offer. Can't wait to get my hands on one of their shirts (or sweatshirts, I can't decide!)
2. Have you ever heard of The Faded Nest? Adorable shop, and man, do they have a gorgeous Pinterest profile!
3. I'm loving these productivity tips from women CEO's.
4. Excited the Elise might sell some of her left over inventory of stamps. Fingers crossed!
5. I know I'm more than 10 years late to the party, and I'm not sure if people care anymore - but man, I love
Hope you guys are having a fantastic week! Bring on the weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Shack

Have you ever heard of Jugville, MI? Okay, good. I hadn't either. Jordan's parents have vacationed at a place called The Shack in Jugville, MI for almost 20 years. I was confused when I heard that, because I couldn't understand going to the same place like that over and over. Once I saw it first hand though, I completely understood why it holds such a special place in their hearts. It's a beautiful place, that has been owned by the same people since it started. You really couldn't ask for a better family vacation spot.

Do you guys have any vacation places that you keep going back to? Share in the comments.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#cottonsdolaborday2k14 | Part 2

I couldn't make you guys wait too long for these photos! I'm back with part two of our extended Labor Day weekend. We took out the boat, cleaned some fish, took a four-wheeler drive and enjoyed a pretty rest stop walk on the way home. One of my favorite things to do is take out the four-wheeler. It was almost too rainy while we were up there, but it cleared up and gave us just enough time for a quick ride.

I know it's a little delayed, but what did you guys do for the holiday? Share in the comments!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Megan Sings Sweet Things

Megan was in town and we got to see her at Founders open mic night last week! #itwasawesome How fantastic is it to see someone you know, doing something they love, making it big, you ask? It's pretty fantastic. #megantibbitsforlife